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J-1 students are eligible to request off-campus work authorization due to unforeseen financial need. This type of work authorization is called Economic Hardship.

This type of work authorization allows J-1 students to work off-campus in a part-time job during the academic year, or in a full-time job during semester breaks such as summer and winter break. The job does not need to be related to the student's field of study.

There is no time limit associated with the Economic Hardship work authorization. If a student can demonstrate financial need, they are eligible to apply as long as the need exists. Economic Hardship work authorization does not affect a student's J-1 Academic Training eligibility.

To request Economic Hardship work authorization, please schedule an appointment with your assigned student advisor to discuss your situation.

UCSB Graduate Division policy states:

All appointments or combined appointments are limited to 50% time (an average of 20 hours a week) during the academic terms. The 50% time restriction will apply without exception for international students, dependent upon their visa type or country of origin (consult the Office of International Students and Scholars for further information). All continuing students may work 100% time during the summer, provided they were registered and paid fees for the immediately preceding spring quarter.