Get ready for CALI! CALI stands for California, and it also stands for Cultural Awareness, Laws, and Immigration--issues that have special importance for international students.

If you are an incoming international student, you are mandated (required) by Federal Immigration Policy to attend OISS CALI Training. You will get a lot of important information, and we want you to make some friends and enjoy your first official program at UCSB.CALI Training is a program with 2 parts, one online and one in-person.

PART 1: Online (Pre-Arrival)

CALI Online is an online course help you prepare before you arrive, including information about immigration requirements and planning your move to UCSB. It is required. There is a quiz at the end to confirm your understanding of some important concepts. CALI Online uses the GauchoSpace platform so you can start becoming familiar it (many of your classes will use GauchoSpace, too).

CALI Online for 2020 is available now! On July 1, emails were sent from GauchoSpace to students with a link for your CALI Online class.

If you did not receive an email from GauchoSpace, you can enroll as a "Course Crasher."

  1. Log in to GauchoSpace using your UCSB NetID and password
  2. Find the session of CALI Online for you:
    1. CALI 2020 (first year/freshman undergraduates) 
    2. CALI 2020 (transfer students from another college)
    3. CALI 2020 (graduate students)
  3. Use the "Course Crasher" option to add the course. 

OISS advisors and staff have years of experience welcoming new students, so we hope that you will find the information in CALI Online useful. We have answered a lot of questions over the years!


PART 2: In Person

The required In-Person CALI Training will happen once you arrive at UCSB. It will include OISS confirmation of your immigration documents, as well as an introduction to campus and on-campus resources. This your chance to meet people and ask questions. We also hope you will connect with other students and enjoy the experience. 

In-Person CALI Training is usually scheduled during the week prior to the start of classes. Due to COVID-19, we request your flexibility. Based on the October 1 start date for Fall 2020 classes, the following dates for CALI Training are planned at this time:

  • Graduate Students: Wednesday, September 23, 2020
  • Transfer Students: Friday, September 25, 2020
  • Freshmen (First-Year Undergraduates): Monday, September 28, 2020