International hires may be eligible for green card sponsorship through PERM Labor Certification.  For faculty positions, departments will need to document that the foreign national was the best qualified applicant for the position, and the PERM Labor Certification application must be filed within 18 months of the offer of employment.  OISS can assist with this process.  Please use this Document Planning Worksheet and consult with OISS ( to plan for obtaining employment permission for the position.  It will likely be necessary for the employee to utilize the H-1B visa while awaiting the lengthy green card process.

For any other full-time career position, departments will need to show that the foreign national was the only applicant who met the minimum requirements for the position.  For these positions, the PERM Labor Certification must be filed within six months of when the first advertisement was placed.  Departments should consult with OISS about obtaining a referral to UCSB's external immigration counsel for directing the recruitment and processing the PERM Labor Certification.