UCSB students who complete their program in J-1 status have 4 different options after graduation.

  1. Depart Within Your 30 Day Grace Period:
    As a J-1 student you are allowed a 30 day grace period after the end date of your final quarter to stay in the United States. During this time you are not allowed to work or study.This time should be used to prepare to depart the United States and travel as a tourist.If you depart the United States before using the full 30 days, you cannot return on your J-1 visa to use the remaining time. If you would like to travel internationally during your grace period you must return in tourist status. Please be mindful of the 2-year Residency Rule and 12 or 24 month bar.
  2. Academic Training:
    If you are interested in working in the United States after you graduate you must apply for Academic Training.You must apply for Academic Training before the end of your program. You can find additional information regarding Academic Training here.
  3. Changing to a New Status:
    If you would like to change to a new immigration status other than J-1, please consult OISS.