Current J-1 scholars who wish to extend their J-1 program at UCSB must first work out the details of the desired extension period with their host department.  The request must be to continue the same program objective, in the same J-1 category (Research Scholar, Professor, Short-term Scholar or Student Intern).  The requested extension period must also remain within the maximum allowed timeframe for your current J-1 category, as indicated here:

  Research Scholar or Professor

  Maximum duration: 5 years

  Short-Term Scholar

  Maximum duration: 6 months

  Student Intern

  Maximum duration: 12 months

To begin an extension request, you will need to complete a J-1 Extension Request Form, and submit it to the Payroll Coordinator in your Host Department.  The Payroll Coordinator will obtain the required authorization signatures from your faculty sponsor and the department Chair/Director.


You are eligible to request an extension of your J-1 program if:

  • Your UCSB host department and sponsoring faculty are in agreement with the request
  • You will have enough funding to meet the minimum financial requirement for the duration of  the requested extension period
  • You have current  health insurance coverage for yourself and your J-2 dependents
  • You have not applied for, and have been granted a Waiver of the 212(e) 2 Year Rule
  • You have not reached the maximum program duration for your J-1 category, as indicated above.

When to Apply

Submit your request at least 30 days prior to the Program End Date on your current DS-2019.

If you have a J-2 dependent who needs an extension to J-2 work authorization, you may submit the request to OISS up to 120 days prior to your current DS-2019 End Date. You must explain to the OISS advisor your reason for submitting an early extension request.

How to Apply

  1. Complete sections 1-4 of the J-1 Extension Request Form and submit to the Personnel Coordinator in your Host Department.
  2. The Personnel Coordinator will give you access to the “UCSB International Scholar Dossier (ISD) website”, if you don’t already have access.
  3. Log in to ISD and:
    1. Confirm or Update your contact information in the “Address” tab.
    2. Click on “Review and Submit to Department” in the left navigator section
    3. Complete all missing required fields – Do not update any information other than in the “Address” tab and any blank required fields (indicated by red dots).
  4. Upload the following documents to your ISD record in the “Documents” tab:
    1. Passport Photo Page (for you and your J-2 Dependents)
    2. Passport Visa Page, including most recent Entry Date stamp (for you and your J-2 Dependents)
    3. I-94 – available at (for you and your J-2 Dependents)
    4. Proof of Financial Support* (if your funding is NOT from UCSB)
    5. Proof of Health Insurance Coverage (for you and your J-2 Dependents)
    6. Marriage Certificate and/or Birth Certificate(s) for any NEW J-2 Dependents being added with this request(NOT required if your J-2 Dependent currently has a UCSB J-2 DS-2019)
    7. Click on “Review and Submit to Department” for final submission.

Once you submit your request to your Host Department, the Personnel Coordinator will submit it to OISS for processing.

Upon approval by the OISS advisor, a new DS-2019 reflecting your new program end date is processed and issued to you (and to any eligible dependents). You will be emailed when the extended DS-2019 is ready.  Please allow at least 2 weeks of processing from the time you submit a completed J-1 Extension Request, for your new DS-2019(s) to be issued.