J-1 exchange visitors must provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover expenses for the entire period of stay in the U.S.

Financial support may be any combination of UCSB funds, and/or other organization funds (fellowships, scholarships, grants) listed as a financial support letter from the sponsoring entity.  Personal funds are accepted as bank statements or employment letters (we do not accept employment reports or pay stubs).

Examples of acceptable financial proof:

  • Financial support letters
  • Bank statements
  • Employment letters

Examples of financial proof that are not acceptable:

  • Financial reports of grant, fellowships, etc.
  • Pay stubs

To cover the current costs of living in Santa Barbara, J-1 exchange visitors will need a minimum of $2,800.00 USD per month.  Additional funding is also required if your family members will join you in the U.S. in the J-2 Dependent status.*

Please see the chart and examples below to determine the minimum amount of funds which you will be required to show proof for.  The examples are based on a proposed length stay in the U.S., multiplied by the minimum monthly amount.

Exchange Visitor *Additional Family
member – amount per person
Daily* $93 $17
Monthly $2,800.00  $500
Yearly  $33,600  $6,000.00


    • The visitor’s stay will be for two weeks: $1,302.00 (14 days x $93 = $1302)
    • The visitor’s stay will be for six months: $16,800.00 (6 months x $2,800 = $16,800.00)
    • The visitor’s stay will be for two years and accompanied by two family members: $91,200.00 ( 2 years x $33,600=$67,200 + 2 family members x $6,000.00=$12,000 x 2 years = $24,000 + $67,200= $91,200)

    The U.S. Consulate may require seeing evidence of the financial support during the visa interview. Evidence of financial support includes the following documents:         

    • Invitation letter or letter of appointment from the sponsoring department at UCSB
    • Sponsorship letter from home institution, U.S. or home government agency, or other financial sponsor
    • Personal bank statement or bank letter dated within the past three months