The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) is excited to announce that UCSBGlobal is now live! Click on the button below to go to the UCSBGlobal log in page. You can log in using your UCSB Net ID and password.  Please do not request Limited Services through UCSBGlobal, you must use your UCSB Net ID and password to login.


Click Here to Go To UCSBGlobal



We're glad that you asked!✨ 

It's a new online platform for International Gauchos and UCSB departments to use when submitting, reviewing, and tracking OISS requests.

What is an OISS request? In the past, requests to OISS were made by downloading OISS Forms and emailing them to OISS for approval. Requests can range from anywhere between asking for a travel signature, to obtaining approval to reduce your course load, to requesting authorization to work. (Requests = anything that must be processed and/or approved by an OISS advisor.) This process will change; OISS Forms will go away and will be replaced by the UCSBGlobal platform on February 8, 2021!

UCSBGlobal will revolutionize the way you interact with OISS, and simplify life for everyone! With the launch of UCSBGlobal, you'll enjoy:

✅ No more running around campus to collect signatures 🏃😅
✅ No more waiting in line for drop-offs or pick-ups ⏳😑
✅ No more printing or scanning of OISS forms 🖨🙅🏻‍♀️
✅ No more wondering about your request status 🤔❓
✅ ...and much, much more! 🤩✨

Everything will be replaced with UCSBGlobal, a one-stop-shop for all. You will no longer use the International Student Portal, International Scholar Dossier, or email OISS to submit OISS forms. Instead, you'll simply log into UCSBGlobal with your UCSB Net ID and submit requests online. 

UCSBGlobal Introduction Video for Students & Scholars 

UCSBGlobal Introduction Video for Department Users

UCSBGlobal Tutorial Videos

How To Log In To UCSBGlobal


How To Submit An E-form 

How To Track & Review E-form Requests

Training Video for Second Approvers (UCSB Staff & Faculty Only)