UCSB students who complete their program in F-1 status have 4 different options after graduation

  1. Depart the U.S. within your 60 Day Grace Period:
    Per F-1 regulations you are allowed a 60 day grace period after the end date of your final quarter to stay in the United States. During this time you can travel within the United States. This time should be used to prepare to depart the United States. If you depart the United States before using the full 60 days, you cannot return on your F-1 visa to use the remaining time. If you would like to travel internationally (including Mexico or Canada) during your grace period you cannot return in F-1 student status. If you have graduated and have no desire to apply for post-graduation work or transfer to another school, please log onto UCSBGlobal and submit the Student Completion Form.
  2. Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT):
    If you are interested in working in the United States after you graduate you must apply for OPT. It is highly recommended that you apply early in your final quarter. You can find additional information regarding OPT here. Once you have completed your OPT, or wish to withdraw from OPT early, please be sure to submit the Student Completion Form through UCSBGlobal.
  3. Transfer to a New School:
    If you would like to transfer to another school from UC Santa Barbara, you must submit a Transfer Out request to OISS, along with an acceptance letter from your prospective school. Transfers must be completed before the 60 day grace period ends and the start date of your new program must begin within 5 months after the completion of your UCSB program. You can find additional information about the Transfer Out process here.

    For those on OPT, please note that the date you request to be released in SEVIS will be the date your employment authorization ends, not the date on the EAD card.
  4. Changing to a New Status:
    If you would like to change to a new immigration status other than F-1, please consult OISS. If you have been approved for a change of status within the United States and no longer need to be in F-1 status, please submit the Student Completion Form through UCSBGlobal, along with your approval notice.