The Office of International Students and Scholars offers an English Conversation Program (ECP) for international graduate students, scholars, and their family members. You do not need to be an enrolled UCSB student to participate. ECP provides an opportunity to practice speaking and refining English language skills in a casual, social, and supportive environment. 

An important part of language acquisition is cultural immersion. The English Conversation Program classes include a variety of social activities  that will provide you with a chance to meet other international students and to become acquainted with American culture.

There is no academic credit for this program, which is intended to improve your English skills while you make friends. ECP teachers are volunteers who enjoy meeting and working with people from other countries. 

Spring quarter classes will begin on March 29, 2022. Instruction will end on June 9, 2022. 

If you have any questions, please contact the ECP coordinator, Lisa Hammock at 

Activity Fee

There is no charge for classes. We request a minimal fee to cover activity costs. The fee is $10.00 for students registering in the Spring Quarter and covers only Spring Quarter. For couples and families with children, the Activity Fee is $20.00. The extra $10.00 entitles a partner or family member of an enrolled student to attend an extracurricular party, field trip or a special event. Please note that that some outings will have additional costs associated. To pay the fee, you may bring cash to the first ECP class you attend. 


Register for ECP

To register for ECP as a participant, please fill out this form and email it to To download a Word (.docx) version of the form, click here


April ECP Schedule with location

  Activities and Important Dates




  March 29, 2022

  May 22, 2022

  June 9, 2022


English Conversation Classes Begin

Spring ECP BBQ at the Scott Family Home

Spring Quarter Instruction Ends



COVID-19 Protocols

Masking Requirement

Chancellor Yang announced updated masking requirements for the campus on March 16, 2022. The new requirements are as follows: 


  • Beginning March 19, masks will no longer be required in indoor spaces on campus, with the exception of classrooms (see next bullet point). Nevertheless, all persons, regardless of vaccination status, are strongly recommended but not required to wear a mask while indoors, except when working alone in private offices. Universal masking is still required in high-risk settings such as healthcare facilities and public transportation.
  • As many students and instructors will return from their spring break travel on or before March 28, masks will continue to be required of everyone in classrooms through the end of the first week of Spring Quarter. As of April 4, masking will no longer be required in classrooms, although it will remain strongly recommended.


  • Masking outdoors is optional, but strongly recommended for individuals who are not fully vaccinated in situations where they will be in sustained close contact with others.


COVID-19 Interim Visitors Protocol

The University’s interim visitors protocol applies to all campus visitors, including ECP participants and teachers. Before coming to campus, you are required to complete this COVID-19 Screening Form as part of the risk reduction efforts UC Santa Barbara is enacting in accordance with state and local guidance. The Screening Form must be completed each day you plan to come to campus. Once you submit the Screening Form, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will show a green badge, which permits you to come to campus that day. If you receive anything other than a green badge, you are not permitted to come to campus. 

Please follow these steps for each ECP class session:  

1. Fill out the COVID-19 Screening Form

2. Make sure you receive an email containing a green badge

3. Come to campus

4. Show the ECP teacher your green badge email before entering the classroom

Thank you for your cooperation as we prioritize everyone's health and safety. 

Meet the Teachers


Lisa Hammock 

ECP Program Coordinator

Fun fact: After college, I traveled to a small, isolated island in the Atlantic Ocean nicknamed ‘The Little Grey Lady of the Sea.’  The day I arrived I landed a job as a Tour Guide.  But I had never been there before!!   I knew nothing about the island or its rich history.  I also had no idea how to drive a tour bus!   College did not prepare me for this job!

Lisa Hammock


Tim Notehelfer

Fun fact: I've had three experiences living in Japan to teach conversational English - living for a total of 3 1/2 years in Japan.  I love Japanese people, food, and culture!

Tim Notehelfer


We are very thankful for the ECP Teachers, who graciously volunteer their time and energy. The English Conversation Program would not be possible without the teachers who have taught hundreds of classes over several years. The international community thanks you for your service. 


Enjoy these photos of ECP classes and activities!

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ECP Valentines Day
ECP Valentine
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