The process is the same for an employee currently in the U.S. wishing to:

  • change to TN status from another visa status extend current TN non-immigrant status change TN employers
  • add another TN employer

Petition Process

The UCSB Employing Department should initiate the TN petition process up to 6 months before the intended employment start date.

The UCSB Employing Department submits the completed TN Document Packet to OISS including documents from the department and employee:


Department TN materials:

Employee TN materials:

Submit these materials to OISS -

  • OISS prepares the TN application form for signature by Department Chair/ Director
  • The signed form with checks is returned to OISS then

The compiled application packet is picked-up by Department for mailing to USCIS by US Priority Mail

NOTETravel outside of the U.S. while the TN is pending will invalidate the application, but the TN could then still be applied for through the U.S. Consulate (for Mexican applicants) or the U.S. Entry post (for Canadian applicants)