Supporting International Students & Scholars. A Half-Day Workshop for UCSB Administrators, Faculty, and Staff.
This annual workshop was held on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 in the Student Resource Building MPR.

The UCSB Office of International Students & Scholars invites you to learn about changes in immigration, campus policy, and culture that may change the way you interact with the growing UCSB community of international students and scholars. No RSVP required. Coffee and refreshments served.

9:00 am Director’s Welcome: Simran Singh, OISS
9:109:30 am UCSB’s International Community by the Numbers: Simran Singh, OISS
9:309:45 am New Policies and International Student Conduct: Joaquin Becerra, Assistant Dean, Office of Student Conduct
9:4510:10 am International Students’ Grading Differential: Jeff Landeck, Director, Campus Learning Assistance Services
10:1010:30 am Why Export Control Matters for International Students: Brian McCurdy, Export Controls Officer and Conflict of Interest Administrator, Office of Research
10:3011:00 am Supporting International Student Integration:   Chryss Yost and Ashley Rifkin, OISS

Break-Out Sessions

ISD Training: Mavel Marina, OISS       

Introductions to J-1 Scholars and H1-B Hiring and Timing: Jason Hopkins & Kayleen McDonald, OISS
Hot Topics: Trevor Brandt, Nicole Morgan, Madison Motoyasu, OISS

Downloadable Presentations

September 2019: Supporting International Students Workshop

Director's Presentation 2019

September 2018: Supporting International Students Workshop

Director's Presentation 2018

September 2017: Supporting International Students Workshop

Director's Presentation 2017

CAPS: Supporting International Students'  Mental Health

September 2015: Supporting International Students Workshop

UCSB's International Community by the Numbers

Hiring International Students (UPDATED 12/07/2016)
- Link to W-4NR